With business activities mainly in the field of agriculture, Tuan Hung Group has been involved in the rice production and processing market since 2008, fulfilling the mission of becoming a large-scale rice producer and exporter in Vietnam

Tuan Hung Group has actively cooperated with rice farmers in the provinces of An Giang, Kien Giang, Soc Trang and Hau Giang… and continues to expand the rice purchasing and purchasing area in large fields in the River Delta Kowloon.

In addition to the stable consumption area of high-quality rice, Tuan Hung Group also ordered many enterprises and cooperatives to produce high-quality fragrant rice such as ST rice varieties, brown rice dry vermicelli, pea vermicelli, etc. to serve the diverse needs of domestic and export. Along with linking with rice farmers, Tuan Hung has been actively competing and developing export markets to bring Vietnamese rice products to compete in the international market.

Population growth and climate change greatly affect the world’s rice supply, while the area of ​​agricultural land in many countries is gradually shrinking due to industrial development and water-saving programs, creating opportunities. for rice and Vietnamese agricultural products in the future. On the other hand, the economy is growing, so the demand for rice products is increasing in both quantity and quality. Producers not only have a field development strategy to ensure a stable source of raw materials, but also strengthen the management of the cultivation process to produce safe rice, strictly control residues of protective chemicals. plants (pesticide), reduce heavy metal residues, in order to provide safe rice products and protect the health of consumers.